Preventive Health Assessment

Maintaining Health & Aging Optimally
We all know that functional decline is inevitable, but it can be slowed down.  Lifelong physical activity and moderate intake of low calorie nutritious food are the two most important lifestyle measures that can extend our lifespan.

Exercise Prescription
We all know that regular physical activity has demonstrated to improve function, and reduce age related physiological decline. An appropriate prescription exercise can be provided for patients to safely achieve the optimal function at any age.

Prescribing Antioxidants & Probiotics
The benefits of antioxidant and probiotics use have been long established for over all health and longevity. They should be a part of preventive care prescription for every patient.

We can keep toxic load down over time by avoidance, metabolism, anti-oxidation, and excretion.

Stress & Coping Strategies
Stress has been linked to the emergence of almost all sorts of disorders and of course is inevitable in our busy lives.  Managing stress and building coping mechanisms to off set the effects of the stress on our body is the key to optimal mental and physical health.